Aphasia Modeling Project (WebFit)

Welcome to the Aphasia Modeling Project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Language Production Lab! Here you may enter patient data to determine how well our model is able to fit your results, or you may run our model directly.

Fit Data

Please enter patient data to be fit:

Correct Semantic Formal Mixed Unrelated Nonword

The data will be automatically renormalized so that it sums to 1.0, which is equivalent to using the threshold/independence model for non-naming responses. To fit using the lexical-editor model instead, add the non-naming responses to the nonword category, then proceed normally.

Parameters     Mixed Error Opportunities
Minimize X2 (N = ) 10%
Minimize RMSD 20%
Maximize Likelihood 30%

Run Model

Please select one of the two models, modify the parameters you wish, and select Run! There may be a 30-60 second wait for results.

Semantics Weight Decay
Phonological Weight
Parameters          Mixed Error Opportunities
Trials 10%
Steps 20%
Intrinsic Noise 30%
Activation Noise
Initial Activation Model Type
Jolt Activation Naming
Random Seed Repetition

Charts and Graphs

References and Contacts

Please contact Dr. Gary S. Dell for questions or comments regarding the model or the theory behind it.

Please contact Harlan Harris for technical questions about the model's implementation, or to report a problem with this web page.

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